How I visit New York Attractions for FREE

If it’s too good to be true, it usually is! However in this case, my local library is great! I’ve recently discovered:

  1. I can borrow passes for major local attractions.
  2. Once a month performers such as dancing/singing/magician.
  3. Weekly STEM kits available to borrow.

My family of four includes two kids (3 and 5). We live in the suburbs of New York and any attractions cost a small fortune especially attractions like the Intrepid ($114) and the Children’s museum ($66). I recently discovered that my library allows members to borrow passes to these attractions (just like how one would borrow a book). Here is a list of every attraction in my area I can visit…for Free!


My Library also offers STEM boxes to use for one week durations. These boxes are aimed for kids between 3-10 years old and offers things such as Marble building games, robot mouse programming, electricity grids etc. These games on Amazon range from $30 upwards. They give my kids a learning experience, allows us to work on them together spending quality time with each other and saves us spending money every few weeks on new toys. This was an item we borrowed and I was proud watching my five year old have so much fun.

robot mouseLastly, I keep an eye out for any events. Once a month they put on entertainment for kids. Singing/dancing, playtime, arts and crafts and even magician shows. It’s been great fun and saved us a bunch of cash.

Check our your local library and see what they have to offer. It’s great to interact with your kids and even better when it’s free.


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