“Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years?”

I’ve been up for promotion for the last two years and just missed out. I’m sure I’ll get it this year. I work hard, I have dreams and know if I put a few more years of hard work into this, i’ll have enough money to be FREE to do whatever the f&@k I want. Each promotional candidate has meetings with our management committee and one question that was asked was…

WHERE DO YOU SEE YOURSELF IN FIVE YEARS? This is what went through my head (no, not the lady bent over on the left):


I had to gain my composure, get that grin off of my face before I made my game plan obvious. Let’s be honest, it’s nice to get a promotion, but it means very little to my long term plans.

What I really want this promotion for is more money. More money = getting to the finish line quicker. I don’t believe the actual promotion will change my work hours. It will also be nice to look back at my career in the finance industry and know I achieved that promotion, my hard work was rewarded.

When I got my last pay raise, my journey to Financial Freedom had already began. The extra $800 a month didn’t change our lifestyle, we still drive around in our four year old Subaru Impreza. We now invest $800 more every month in our pay checks and as you can see from my progress bar on the right hand side, we’re now 28% towards our goal. This will grow faster as we have more invested. If I can stay focused, earn that promotion, get another pay rise, I know we’ll reach our goal faster.

How did I answer this question? Something along these lines: “I am committed to our long term goals and believe in the vision where our department and firm are heading. I want to play a strong part in our journey so we can be successful together. In five years, I see myself working for you at the very top.”

Sounds a little corny..but I want my manager to know that I work for her and I want to progress with her. I’ll find out in February if I got the promotion, I’ll keep you updated.


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