2017 Review and 2018 goals

What a great f&*king year that was! 401k +18.5%, Investment accounts +17.5%. 2017 was the easiest it’ll ever be to set it and forget it. The S&P Vanguard Index fund returned 18.4%, you had to be a complete monkey in 2017 not to have a good year.


Aside from having a great market performance, I feel that 2017 was the year we got our our house in order. We had a target to invest $60,000, we have ended the year at $72,000. We paid off our 401k loan (more on that later), we lowered our utility bills, Mrs FI was made permanent at work signing a guarantee bonus for February which will max out her 401k and I am on the promotion list at work.

Looking back, could 2017 had been any better for us? Not really! I’ll be sure to celebrate this success with Mrs FI this weekend.

So…looking into the crystal ball for 2018, I have the following goals:

  1. Max out both 401k’s in February, receiving company match $47.5k
  2. From march, max out my company stock scheme $28k
  3. Max out back door Roth IRA for both Mrs Fi and I $11k

Totalwe aim to save in 2018: $86,500

Can we do it? The first two should be do-able. We also plan on renovating our bathrooms in 2018 and have taken money out of our post tax accounts to do so. Actually, our 2017 market returns have paid for this.

All the best to all my readers, there is nothing we can do except watch for market returns, but we can do something about how much we’re investing.


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