2017 Performance

Our net-worth increased 30% during 2017. This is why it’s so important to track your net-worth at least on a quarterly basis. It takes me about 10 minutes to update mine, I log into each account and type the balance into excel which allows me to measure progress like the below table. It’s also a huge motivation to review the numbers and knowing our hard work is paying off.

Time to review myself!

2017 Growth
Checking Account
Brokerage 1.14%
Company Stocks 459.21%
401k 67.22%
SEP IRA 23.46%
Roth 23.00%
Home Equity 5.40%
Kids UMTA 51.65%
TOTAL 29.98%

Let’s break this down:

  • Checking account/Emergency Fund stayed roughly the same. I recently moved $18,000 from our brokerage into Cash to pay for new bathrooms which will be done soon. This will increase our house value.
  • Brokerage Account- looks like it’s only up 1.14% but as above, $18,000 was transferred out recently which was our profits from great market performance.
  • Company stocks, I’m vested in my firms stock plan. For every three shares I purchase, I receive one free but I don’t get the free stock for two years. As soon as i’m allowed to sell my stock I will, I do not want to be too reliant on one firm.
  • Our 401k balance is up 67%. Both Mrs FI and I maxed it out this year and with our company match/401k performance it’s looking great.
  • SEP IRA/Roth we didn’t add any new money. The growth is from stock market. WOW 23%
  • Home Equity is up 5%. This is from mortgage payments only. Once we have renovated our three bathrooms, i’ll update the value to match Zillow estimate which is approximately $75,000 higher.
  • Kids UMTA has increased 51%! We give each child $100 a month and the stock market has worked the rest. Read more on how i’m giving each child of mine $2 million.
  • Car fund! We bought a car in December 2016, a brand new subaru. We put down 20% deposit and financed the rest at zero percent for the next three years.

Asset Allocation:

Equity Real Estate Cash
60.80% 32.80% 6.40%

I used to think I was 100% in stocks, but when I allocate each asset into Equities/Real Estate/Cash/Bonds I see my allocation is 60%.

We’ve had a great 2017, 401k up 19%, SEP IRA/ROTH up 23% etc. The stock market was very kind to us but I really want a mini crash. We’re in our growth phase and we’re buying stocks each month at new market highs. I want to be buying stocks cheaper. If we had a 2007 style 40% correction I would be a lot happier. I don’t plan on touching my investments for at least eight years, the sooner we get the correction the better. I won’t freak out when my equity value falls 40%, I’m expecting it. Read more on why I’m so relaxed on my previous article Never Time The Stock Market.

The Plan for 2018 is to invest another $80,000 and let the market do the rest! We’re into year 4 now of the 10 year plan, it’s amazing how quickly time flies.

A little dive into my family:

Mrs FI – Made permanent in her job and is really enjoying it. It’s always an extra bonus to actually enjoy your job!

Sprog 1 – Started Kindergarten and is turning into a lovely boy. I’m really proud of him. He has started doing really well on his math, we recently played monopoly and I’m introducing him to FI slowly.

Sprog 2 – Just turned 3, going on 8. She’s definitely in charge of my house. My little pricess is adorable and I can’t wait to see how she grows.


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