Goodbye Costco, Walmart and Target.

Top of my 2018 new years resolution is to NOT step foot into any Costco, Walmart or Target stores. I know how much the FI community loves Costco but I can’t go into a store without picking something up which I don’t need (see my new toothbrush, coffee set, snow board etc) The temptation is too much and I always end up spending north of $300.

I’m not going to miss those horrible car parks or rude obnoxious people. I especially won’t miss the return line which always takes 30 minutes. However, I will definitely miss the canteen mmmm Costco pizza and ice-cream.

So this wasn’t a hard decision, I quit the major stores. We do our grocery shops at Trader Joe’s (I will be publishing 6 meals that feeds three adults for under $10 a meal later this month. BUT where will I get my toilet paper?!

I signed up for the new Amazon Credit card which offers 3% discount and signed up for Amazon’s subscribe and save. If you order more than five items, you receive 15% off (on top of my 3%). This will deliver us our household essential items which I can’t buy at Trader Joe’s, and better still, it get’s delivered straight to my door. For most other products we pick them up every three months from the our local dollar store.


So, saying goodbye to Costco, Walmart and Target has reduced our spending and kept us within our budget of $200 a week. So far, I don’t miss them, maybe this is forever.


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