A Company Who Automatically Enrolls Me To The Cheapest Electricity Provider. This Will Save Me $200 A Year.

Did you know that you can choose your Electricity Provider? It’s so easy, nobody comes to your house or changes anything, it’s all done electronically and the electricity/gas still arrives via the same pipes. Most people are unaware of this and if they are aware, they are sometimes afraid to switch because electricity companies try and lure you in by offering you a sweet special promotion for a few months, only to bump you to a higher rate at the end of the that period. This happened to me last year and I didn’t have the energy to keep on top of it. They want you to forget/become lazy and stay with them paying higher rates.

Two weeks ago, I was referred by a friend to a company called MyUtiliz, who switches you automatically whenever a better deal is available. I am estimated to save over $200 a year. The sign up took 5 minutes, all they needed was your address/credit card information and a previous statement which I emailed in. They will probably switch me every three months.

Signing up using my friends referral, I got three months subscription for free and he made $10. A week later, I had been informed that they began switching companies for me and I’m due to save $37 over the next quarter. See the email below:

utiliz 1

The fee for this is $5 a month. So with my expected savings of approx $200 a year minus the 9 months fee, I will save $155 this year for doing just five minutes work.

You can sign up using my referral link. 

utiliz 2




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