May Update

05.16.2017_go_away_in_May_cartoonI want to start providing monthly net worth updates to my one subscribed reader…haha! It only needs one reader though to spread the word and for the site to grow. We have a busy summer coming up. My parents are coming in for two weeks then we’re off to Florida in July for 10 days with my inlaws. We also signed up to the town pool, it cost $600 for the four of us for the summer, we’ve already been three times and we all really enjoy being outside and playing in the water.

So what happened to our networth in May? Let’s take a look at our month to month comparison:

Apr 18 May 18
Cash $20,000.00 $20,000.00
After Tax Investment $94,700.00 $96,475.00
Company Stock $42,100.00 $42,000.00
Subaru $5,445.00 $5,845.00
Son $6,630.00 $6,775.00
Daughter $6,680.00 $6,790.00
SEP IRA $10,200.00 $10,390.00
401k $242,080.00 $246,265.00
House Equity $292,055.00 $292,880.00
Total $719,890.00 $727,420.00

CASH– This is really our emergency fund. It’s usually at 15k but we’re saving up for a new car in October so increasing this slowly. More on the new car soon!

After Tax Investment– This is our Vanguard funds. This had no new investment so our growth here is purely from the stock market.

Company Stock – The stock price decreased 20% over the last two months but due to new investment it’s increased. For every three stocks I purchase, they give me one free.

Subaru – We bought a Subaru Imprezza in December 2017. It’s a solid car from a reliable auto maker. We bought this with the intention of owning this for many years until we run it into the ground. We have a car loan at 1.99% which will be fully paid for in just over two years. The loan is costing us $420 per month.

Son and Daughter – They’re racing towards second generation FI! I have them in different Vanguard Funds racing each other. To date, our daughter has always been ahead but he is slowly catching her. We started with $3000 each and have been adding $100 each month since. When they get to $10,000, we will put them into the US Total Stock Market fund.

SEP IRA – When Mrs FI had a part time job working from home, we opened and contributed to her SEP IRA. There are no new contributions going into this account and all the gains/losses are from the market.

401k – This is a joint balance between both Mrs FI and I. We’ve already maxed our 2018 contributions. Any market moves really changes our net worth.

Home Equity – Each month we pay off about $800 off our mortgage which increases our net worth.

Total Net Worth: Still quite far from our $1.5 million target but the more you have, the quicker it grows. Our $1.5 million target doesn’t include real estate or kids accounts so we’re sitting at $420,975.

Target for the rest of 2018- Right now our aims are to max out our employee stock program and our backdoor roth conversions. Year to date we’ve invested $65,000 and have $15,000 more to go.

How was your May 2018? Tracking this takes me about 10 minutes each month. I just log into each account and enter the Total into my spreadsheet tracker.



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