About Us

We’re originally from the UK and moved to America several years ago. We’re in our thirties and are blessed with two kids. We wish to remain anonymous for now, we don’t want to jinx our journey to freedom. We haven’t told our family or friends, I think they would call us crazy to think we can pull the plug on working by our mid forties. Plenty of Personal Finance blogs are written by people who are already retired, I want to share our journey from the early years knowing there will plenty of ups and downs.

After going to work straight from school, one day I realized I do not want to work until i’m 65, I would much rather save and retire as early as possible whilst we are young and healthy. Both Mrs FI and I want to travel the world slowly, we didn’t have a gap year when we were younger and now we can have a more luxurious trip in our mid forties.

Current Situation:

We live in the suburbs of New York. We bought a house two years ago, renting anything decent around here is at least $4k a month so buying made financial sense (especially with mortgage rates fixed under 3.5% for 30 years). We live in a a good area with great schools (they should be for the tax we pay). None of our neighbors are flash and in general, everyone seems respectable. I haven’t witnessed any of this “keeping up with the Jones'” crap in my neighborhood.

We both work in the Finance Industry and watch as machines slowly replace the workforce. We want to accumulate as much wealth as possible before we are laid off, we are using each additional dollar towards buying our freedom. In good years, we can expect a bonus which we use to front-load our 401k’s.

This Blog:

We hope you enjoy following our progress. We want to prove that living in one of the most expensive areas of the country, it is possible to save. We want this to be a fun blog, share our stories and change the philosophy from live to work to work to live.

We will post a net-worth statement every quarter and analyse our progress. If you want to provide any feedback please do so, alternatively if you want my thoughts then let me know. Everything I write on this blog is my opinion only. I am not a financial advisor and this blog


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